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    This symposium to be held in Montpellier from 2 to 5 June 2019, is the eleventh in a series the first of which was held in Montpellier-Le Corum in May 1989. As with its predecessors, the symposium is organized to bring together scientists, technologists and engineers interested in all aspects of high temperature polymers and more generally in organic & inorganic high performance materials.
    For the last three decades, increasing need in the high technology industries (space, micro and nano electronics, civil transportation, planes, automotive, membranes, fuel cells, etc) has been the driving force for the development of new polymeric systems and materials combining both thermal mechanical and temperature resistance and also properties others such as lightweight, high corrosion resistance, good wear properties, dimensional stability, low flammability, separation properties, moisture resistance, insulating properties and ability to be transformed with conventional equipment.
    In fact all these properties were unavailable in conventional materials but may be covered :
    - either by aromatic and heterocyclic linear and thermosetting resins such as : polyaramides, polyphenylene sulphides (PPS), polyetherketones (PEK, PEEK), polysulfones (PSU, PESU, PPSU), polyetherimides (PEI), polyamideimides (PAI), polyimides (PI, 6F-PI), co-polyimides, Bismaleimides (BMI), polybenzoxazoles (PBO), polybenzimidazoles (PBI), polybenzothiazoles (PBT), polyphylquinoxalines (PPQ), polynapththylimides (PNI), epoxies, etc., hybranched and dentricitic systems ;
    - or non aromatic structures such as polyphosphaz&rgrave;nes, polycyanate esters, fluoropolymers, silicones, silsesquioxanes, etc.
    The feature of polyimides and other heterocyclic polymers are now well recognized and used for long term temperature durability in the range of 250 - 350°C.
    New structures coming from the chemical modifications of the heterocyclic backbones or from the creation of new architectures are under development for advanced technologies for the future.
    The symposium will review synthesis, mechanisms, ultimate properties, physico-chemical properties, processing and applications of such high performance materials needed in advanced technologies.
    STEPI 11 will bring together international leaders from industry, academia, and national laboratories.
    STEPI 11
    2nd-5th June 2019 - University of Montpellier (France).
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